Founder Message

Mana ayurvedam was commenced in 2015 in India, with a prominent vision, that provides the universe the message of authentic Ayurveda and the behind principles of backed science. Since our inception, we have launched pure organic products that prescribes particular concern related to facial skin, hair, or body skin. That's where our brand started implementing a unique purpose and mission. 

And now, in this Contemporary era, the millennial wants Backed organic quality products that have long lasting effects on their concerns. Mana ayurvedam chooses beauty in quality, with amazing packages to unbox your happiness. Our products are globally recognized and are sold aggressively and this reason made us stand as the India's biggest & fastest growing ayurvedic product company in herbal brand and also one of the brands in "VISHNU GROUP OF COMPANIES"


Our company provides wide range of herbal & ayurvedic products

  Mana ayurvedam with an extensive research and development produces and provides a wide range of Herbal & Ayurvedic Products Online and in stores. Familiar because of our iconic beauty products infused with Kumkumadi, haldi, tulasi, Manjistha, Bringhraj, other attentively picked herbal ingredients which have their miracles on skin and hair. Our Brand has acquired national to international followers on social media, lakhs of people buy our products online. Every discerning buy discovers the safety and quality we bring to the market. Our deep roots laid by the way our product induced the ancient science of ayurvedic principles.


Mana Ayurvedam's products are original organic based, quality tested authentic and balanced formulations. Though there exists several other herbal brands, mana ayurvedam products make unique contributions through its complete natural pickup or  remedy

Our products are 100% natural amalgamated with finest quality natural ingredients with no artificial participants such as no artificial fragrance, no chemicals, no parabens, no chemical colors, no sulfates, no gluten, no glycol, no propylene urea or any other harmful additions to the products and are nationally certified for their natural quality

Historic Information on Ayurveda

Back then, the Indian medical system was based on ancient Ayurvedic knowledge based treatments from ayurvedic science experts, they used to treat any concern based on particular ancient writings. That's purely a holistic approach to heal physical and mental illness and also for overall wellness.

Ayurvedic treatment is the oldest yet effective medical approach. It is still alive in our medicine system.

Such behind the comprehensive proven techniques, balancing the modern etiquette and ethics, mana ayurvedam combines the products. Out of plant extracts the formulations of products are originated. 

Our Pride Promise

Since the 5000 year oldest holistic healing process and approach, and the sustainable ayurvedic system in India, has been still alive and that is what we are upbringing now. To make you look, feel confident as you are. But that comes with a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, indulging in physical stress free activities, adequate hydration and coping up with the emotions and situations that are out of your control. 

Ayurvedic Physicians say that what goes on to the skin, is sinked into the skin. It reflects our actions in the form of skin reactions. If chemicals are absorbed it turns out damaged, and rejuvenates if you induce natural goodness as simple as that. This takes nowhere leading to do away with cosmetics, but ultimately your skin is what you always put on so take care of your skin, it's fragile. Use natural or botanical products wisely, there has been a lot of fraudulent happenings all around the world with the name "herbal". Don't fall into the trap, a qualified product isn't always necessarily to be qualified, it needs to be thoroughly tested and certified every time they launch a new one like how our Mana ayurvedam comes through!

Founder & Chairman of Mana Ayurvedam Pvt.Ltd. (OPC)

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